Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore


Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore has been educating the girls of our community and infusing them with midot tovot, yirat shamayim and life skills.  It is all due to Hashem’s help and the wonderful staff of dedicated teachers and principals.  Our goal, the parents and the school, is to produce the finest Bat Yisrael in proper mode of dress and behavior, and minds free of external influence to better absorb knowledge and hashkafa.

Bet Yaakov Admission Process:


In an effort to make the enrollment process as efficient and equitable as possible, the Bet Yaakov has engaged the services of a national tuition management company, TADS. Please click the link below to begin the admission application.

We can be reached at 732-229-0680 to provide you with any technical assistance you might require.